What is Webdriver

Selenium WebDriver Is open source software testing tool which supports many different browsers. It Is also supporting many different software programming languages like Python, Ruby, C#, Java, PHP and Perl so that you can create your test cases using your preferred language. Current days, Most popular language Is Java to prepare your software application automation test cases with selenium webdriver.


Advantages of Selenium WebDriver:

  1. Improved features & functionality which were not supported in the Selenium 1.0.
  2. No need to start server prior to start executing scripts.
  3. Added advantage to support for iPhone and Android testing
  4. Similar to QTP, It allows you to extract the objects in bulk. In RC this is big pain to extracting the objects.
  5. It supports features like Page navigation, Drag-and-drop and AJAX-based UI elements.
  6. Using WebDriver can easily find the coordinates of any object.
  7. WebDriver is open source & it allows you to easily integrate with testing framework like JUnit or TestNG.
  8. It allows you to simulate the mouse movements.
  9. It provides the improved reliability between browsers.
  10. A most awaiting feature added in WebDriver is “Implementation of listeners”.
  11. For web application testing, it provides standard programming interface.
  12. It allows you to simulate keyboard key press events using different classes.
  13. You have classes in Webdriver which help you to simulate key press events of keyboard.
  14. It allows you to simulate the clicking of browser front and back button.




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