Steps to Download IDE

Selenium IDE is the simplest of the tools in the Selenium suite, and the quickest way to get started with creating scripts
Selenium IDE is a Firefox add-on used for recording user actions for testing and playing it back without having to write programs
For automating other browsers you’ll need to use one of the more advanced Selenium tools, such as Selenium RC or Selenium 2 (or Selenium Grid if you want to run your tests in parallel), but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! First, let’s install Selenium IDE, which is really just an add-on for Firefox.


  • Go to google, search for “Download Selenium IDE”
  • Choose and click the link


  • Verify if you are in the download tab of the site
  • Scroll down the page

Steps to Download IDE2

  • Scroll down the page until you see the side heading – “Selenium IDE”
  • Click on the link where it asks to download the latest released version from

Steps to Download IDE3


  • The page is redirected to site
  • Click on the add to firefox button

Steps to Download IDE4


  • A pop-up window opens with install and cancel button
  • Click on the install button

Steps to Download IDE5


  • After one two install pop-ups, you may have a pop-up for Restarting the firefox browser
  • Once you opt for it, the browser will get closed and opened-up

Steps to Download IDE6

  • Once the browser is restarted, verify if the selenium IDE is correctly installed by going to Tools menu in the browser and check if “Selenium IDE” option is found
  • You will also see an icon as highlighted in the tool bar in the browser

Steps to Download IDE7
“Selenium IDE” window is as shown in the screenshot
Steps to Download IDE8

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