SDLC Models

There are various software development life cycle models defined and designed which are followed during software development process. These models are also referred as “Software Development Process Models”

The development models are the various processes or methodologies that are being selected for the development of the project depending on the project’s aims and goals. There are many development life cycle models that have been developed in order to achieve different required objectives. The models specify the various stages of the process and the order in which they are carried out.

  1. Waterfall Model
  2. V Model
  3. Rad model
  4. Prototype Model
  5. Iterative model
  6. Spiral model
  7. Agile model

Choosing right model for developing of the software product or application is very important. Based on the model the development and testing processes are carried out. Different companies based on the software application or product, they select the type of development model whichever suits to their application




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