Recording in IDE

Step 1- To Create Test Case in Selenium IDE, Go to File menu and select New Test Case
Recording in IDE1

Step 2To Rename Existing Test case Select Test case & Right Click On That Test Case and Then Go to Properties
Recording in IDE2
Step 3-Rename Title And Click On OK
Recording in IDE3
Step 4-Click On Red Color Button To Start Recording

Recording in IDE4

Step 5-After Recording

Selenium IDE has 2 Sections i.e., 1) Table 2) Source

Table is further dividing into 3 Sections i.e., 1) Command 2) Target 3) Value

Recording in IDE5

Step 6-To Run That Test Case Click On Green Color Button (Play Current test case)

If Test Case is Pass, It will Show Pass Statement With Green Color


Recording in IDE6

Step 7- During Recording Every Operation Default will Be Record As HTML Code.

Recording in IDE7

Step 8-We Can Convert  HTML Code into Other Languages Like (C#, Java, Python, Ruby etc).

To Covert Go To Options Menu.

Recording in IDE8

Step 9- Select Enable Experimental Features Check Box And Click On OK
Recording in IDE9

Step 10- Again Go To Options Menu, Click On Format And Select Whatever The Language You Want To Convert

Recording in IDE10

Step 11-If we Convert into Java Programming Language

HTML Code Change into Java

Recording in IDE11

Step 12- To Perform Batch Testing in IDE

Create Test Cases One By One And Rename Test Cases By Following Above Process.

Go to File Menu And Save Test Suit.

Recording in IDE12
Step 13-Click On Play Entire Test Suit Option.

Recording in IDE13

Step 14- All Test Cases will Be Executed One By One in Sequential Order.
Recording in IDE14

Step 15-To Stop Execution At Particular Line

Select Element On The IDE Target Section

Right Click And Select Toggle Breakpoint

Recording in IDE15

Step 16- After Stopping Execution At Particular Point

To Execute One By One Line Click On Step Command.
Recording in IDE16
Step 17- To Start Execution From Particular Step in IDE Target Section

Select Element in Target Section, Right Click And Select  Pause/Resume Command.

Recording in IDE17

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