What are the advantages of Automation?

a. Repeatable:-If we have to run a set of tests repeatedly, automation is preferable.

It gives you the ability to run automation against code that frequently changes to catch

regressions in a timely manner It gives you the ability to run automation in mainstream

scenarios to catch regressions in a timely manner

Compatible: – Automated tests can be run on different machines with , whereas the

manual tests would have to be run sequentially.(different languages on different OS



Reusable:-Automated scripts can be reusable in different enrolments and different

applications on similar functionalities.


What are the recording modes in QTP?

QTP provides three types of recording methods to record operations:

     Standard Recording (Normal) mode:-It is the default mode, which records all operations

on application.

     Analog Recording Mode: –Records all operations of mouse and keyboard based on

Screen coordinates or application coordinates.

Low Level Recording: –We use low level recording to record the operations of mouse and

keyboard operations based on its coordinates


When do you use Low Level recording?

QuickTest pro. May not indentify all objects when quicktest fails to identify an object

during standard recording and to record operations where exact coordinates are required.

This mode records at the object level and records all run-time objects as Window or

WinObject test objects.


 What the different checkpoints in QTP?

  1. There are different checkpoints in QTP like
  2. Standard Checkpoint
  3. Text Checkpoint
  4. Text Area Checkpoint
  5. Database Checkpoint
  6. Bitmap checkpoint
  7. Accessibility checkpoint
  8. XML Checkpoint
  9. Page Checkpoint
  10. Table Checkpoint
  11. Image Checkpoint

How do you check the availability of an object on the application during runtime?

  1. Using “Exist” method.

Syntax: variable=object type (“object name”).exist

Ex: x=dialog (“Login”). Winedit (“Agent Name:”). exist

Note: It will return true if the object exists on the application, if not it returns false


How do you minimize a window or screen or page


Syntax: Object Type(“Object Name”).minimize


How do we get the count of items in a List or a Combobox?

Using Getitemscount method

Syntax: variable=Object type(“Object name”).getitemscount

Ex: Verifying no.of items, in “Fly From” Combo Box in Flight Reservation window

z = Window(“Flight Reservation”).WinComboBox(“Fly From:”).GetItemsCount


What are Test objects and run time objects?

     Test objects are stored representations of the actual objects on an application. QuickTest

creates test objects by learning a set of the properties and values of the objects on an


     Run-time objects are the objects that are available on Application Under Test.


How do you add objects to object repository?

We can add objects to object repository in two ways:

i) From Object Repository:

Navigation: Resources à Object Repository à Object à Add objects to local

ii) From Active Screens:

Navigation: Righ click on the object in active screens and select view/add object.


How do you convert the local objects as reusable objects?

By exporting the local objects from object repository and storing them in shared repository

file. Navigation: Resources à Object Repository à File à Export Local Objects


What is the file extension of shared Repository file?

tsr à Test shared repository


How do you associate shared object repository to an action?

Navigation: Edit à Action à Action Properties à Associate Repositories


How do you associate shared object repository for multiple actions in a test?

Navigation: Resources à Object Repository à Tools à associate Repositories


How many actions you can create in a test?

There can be any number of actions created in a single test.

What are the action properties and test properties?

Action properties are the properties for the current action only, where as test properties

belonging to total action properties in the current test.


What are the methods associated with actions in reusing the actions

1) Call to Copy of Action

2) Call to Existing Action


What is Option Explicit?

When used, makes mandatory to declare the variables in the script using a DIM

(Dimension)  Statement


What is the syntax for the wait property?

Object type(“object name”).waitproperty “Property name”, “Property value”, “time in



What do you mean by call to copy of action and call to existing action?

(i) We can call both normal and reusable actions using call to copy an action and the called

action can be edited.

(ii) We can call only the reusable actions using call to existing actions and these are

considered as external actions, which are non editable.


How do you convert a normal action into reusable action?

Edit menuàActionàAction PropertiesàGeneralàReusable Action (Or)

In Test Pane Right clickàAction Propertiesà General à Reusable Action


How do you edit objects in shared object repository?

Select Object Repository Manager from Resources Menu Open the Shared repository file

Select Enable editing option then we can edit objects as per requirements.

What is debug viewer?

To view the variable values during execution of the script, change variable values during

runtime. Etc

What is step generator?

We can insert functions in the script from step generator, insert menu step step generator

select the category select the function specify the parameters

What is the extension of QTP Script file?

.mts(mercury test script)

What is the extension of Local object repository?

.mtr(mercury test repository)

What is the extension of shared object Repository?

.tsr(test shared repository)

What is the extension of library file?

When we creates & saves a library file it saves with the extension “.vbs(vbscript file)”

How do you return a value from a function?

By selecting call by return value in function definition generator in insert menu.

What is the syntax to define a function?

Public function function­_name(parameters)

End Function

Can you write script to login; suppose browser name is b1, page name is p1, userid,

      password, login button?

browser(“b1”).page(“p1”).webedit(“userid”).set “test”

browser(“b1”).page(“p1”).webedit(“password”).set “test123”


Few datatable methods

  1. A)     Addsheet
  2. Deletesheet

iii.  Import

  1. Export
  2. Importsheet
  3. Exportsheet

vii.  Getsheet

viii. Getrowcount

  1. Getsheetcount
  2. Setcurrentrow
  3. Setnextrow

xii. Setprevrow


How do you import data from excel sheet to datatable?

A.Right Clickon DataTable Click on Sheet Import From file Browse the Path Or

Use Import method of datatable

Syntax: datatable.import “Path”


What is accessibility checkpoint?

An Accessibility checkpoint checks the Web page for Section 508 compliance.


How do you merge objects in 2 Repository files?

In Object Repository Manager Tools Object Repository Merge tool New MergeTool,

browse and select two Shared Repository filesand click OK


How do you associate library file to the test?

A library file can be associate in 2 ways:

i) Through File à Settings à Resources

ii) Execute file “File Path”


What is the use of User Defined Environment Variables?

These variables are made specific to test which are available to all the actions in that test

And also we can associate them to an external .XMl file so that they can be accessible

from any test.


How do you associate external environment variables file to the test?

File settings Environment User Defined Load variables and values from external file click


To access the variable in the script:    Environment (“variable name”)


Where is the data stored when we write data to data table during runtime?

Runtime Table in Test Results


What is the use of Description class?

It is used to create an object by describing one or more properties of an object.

Syntax: set objectname=description.create

Objectname(“propertyname”).value=”property value”


Can you write syntax to connect to database?

Dim objectname

Set objectname=createobject (“ADODB.Connection”)

For MS Access:

Con.open “provider=Microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0; data source=database path”

For SQL Server:

Con.open “provide r= sqloledb.1; server=server name;uid=user name;pwd = password;

database = database name”


Con.open “driver = sqlserver; server = server name; uid = user name; pwd = password;

database = database name”


Which are the Databases supported by Quick Test Professional?

Oracle, MS Access, SQL Server, and Mysql


What type of license you have used for QTP in your project?

We use concurrent user license for 5 users at time

How do we retrieve data from an Excel File?

Import data from excel to datatable

Datatable.importsheet “pathofexcelfile”, sourcesheet, destinationsheet

In the script replace the value with the datatable parameter:

Datatable (“ParameterId”, “sheetId”)


What is Active Screen in QTP?

It is QTP tool feature in which it captures the snap shots of the application screens during

the recording process, we can use this screen to perform various script enhancements in

absence of application.


What are the different types of licenses in QTP?

There are 2 types of licenses in Quick Test:

i) Seat License: It is single user license, which can be installed in one work workstation.

ii) Concurrent License: It is otherwise called as Site License, it is multi pack, which comes

in bulk (4 or 5 or more license as a single pack)


Who provided license for QTP?

Hp- (Mercury Interactive)


What is difference between text and text area checkpoint?

Text checkpoint captures the complete text displayed on the object but text area

checkpoint captures the text in the specified specified area on an object


What are the different scripting languages QTP supports?

You can write your QTP automation programs in any Languages and development

environment that supports automation. For example: you can use: VBScript, javaScript,

Visual Basic, Visual C++, or Visual Studio.


What are the Technologies supportedby Quick Test?

Java, MS.Net, SAP, People Soft, Siebel, PoweBuilder, Flash ….Etc


How do you set permissions for executing the Quick Test scripts from Quality


In Quick Test; Goto Tools à Options à Run à selects other Mercury/Hp products to run

Tests and components


What is the syntax to open any windows based application from QTP?

Invoke application(“path of application”)


What is the extension of Recovery Scenario File?

When we create a recovery scenario and save in the system the scenario is created with file extension as “.qrs”(QuickTest recovery scenario)


What is difference between step into and step out?

During debugging the script we can use these options Step into will execute the script line

by line in main test & also in subtests where as Step over will execute line by line in the

main test and executes all the statements at single instance in called function or sub test.


What is the syntax for creating an object using VBScript in Quick Test?

Set Objetvariable=CreateObject (“server name”,”type name”)



Which Framework was implemented in your project?

Keyword driven framework, by implemnting User Defined Functions


What are the views under Test Pane in Quick Test?

QTP displays the test script in 2 views

     Keyword view: The Keyword View enables you to create and view the steps of your

component in a keyword-driven, modular, table format. The Keyword View is comprised of

a table-like view, in which each step is a separate row in the table, and each column

represents different parts of the steps. You can modify the columns displayed to suit your


  • Expert View: A test or component consists of statements coded in Microsoft VBScript.

These statements are composed of objects, methods, and/or properties that instruct

QuickTest to perform operations or retrieve information


How do you configure an object as virtual object?

Using virtual object manager we can configure as follows:

Tools menuàVirtual Object ManageràClick on NewàSelect the Class Name to assignàpoint

the object using hand symbolàselect Object Name, Collection name to storeàselect Finish.


Can you write script to count the number of links in a web page?

set decobj=descripton.create()


Set objcoll=Browser(“Browser name”).page(“page name”).childobjects(Decobj)


Msgbox objcount


In how many ways we can create test script in QTP?

We can create a test script in 3 ways:

i) Through recording.

ii) Through Step generator

iii) Through DP(Descriptive Programming)


What is objective of Dim?

It is used to declare multiple variables in a single statement as dimension, so that the

variable accepts of int, long, float etc.

What is Descriptive Programming?

Identifying the objects based on its properties in the script without storing the object

descriptions in object repository. We can use or implement this mechanism when the

repository is growing huge which might reduce the performance of Quick Test

We can achieve Descriptive Programming in two ways:

  1. i) Static: You list the set of properties and values that describe the object directly in a

VBScript statement.

Ex: Browser(“name:=MercuryTours”).Page(“title:=MercuryTours”).WebEdit(“html

id:=username”).set “sathya”

  1. ii) Dynamic: You add a collection of properties and values to a Description object, and

then enter the Description object name in the statement.

Ex: set br=description.create


set pge=description.create


set lun=description.create

lun(“html id”).value=”username”

browser(br).page(pge).webedit(lun).set “sathya”



What is the diff between language and scripting language?

In Language compilation and execution are of different process where as Scripting

Language Interpretation exists(no compilation and execution).


What is test object?

It’s an object that is stored in object repository with which Qucik Test uses to recognize an

object on the application. Each test object has one or more properties and methods that

can be used to perform operations on that object. Each object also has a number of

identification properties that can describe the object.


How to execute QTP from Command prompt?

From DOS prompt give the below command C:\\ qtpro.exe


What is difference between Internal and External environmental variables?

Scope of Internal environmental variables is limited to current test so that we can use in all

actions in the test where as external environmental variables are global, hence we can use

in any action of any test.


Write script to delete a file from file system?

Using file System Object “Delete Method” we can delete a file.

Ex: set fso=createobject(“scripting.filesystemobject”)

Fso.deletefile “D:\demo.xml”


Explain advantages of Active screen?

We can perform the following operations using Active Screens:

i) Insert Standard, Text and Bitmap checkpoints

ii) Insert Standard Output value

iii) View and Add Object to object repository

  1. iv) Generate script for an object using Step generator.


In how many ways we can use checkpoints to an application using QTP?

In 3 ways we can use checkpoints to an application

i while recording the application

ii using the active screen we can add check points

iii while writing the scripts if we want to insert checkpoint there itself then we have to right.


What is checkpoint? Explain how it will work?

A checkpoint is a verification point that compares a current value for a specified property

with the expected value for that property. This enables you to identify whether your

application is functioning correctly.


Write the script to read values from Text file?

Dim fso,f

Set fso=createobject(“scripting.filesystemobject”)

Set f=fso.opentextfile(“path of .txt file”,1)

While f.atendofline<>true


Msgbox s



Why you are Using Descriptive programming instead of Object Repository?

Descriptive Programming is an advanced concept in QTP.we can handle the Application by

implementing the DP instead of OR. Advantages of DP:

i DP Script is reusable Script

ii we can modify the script easily compare to QTP Code.

iii we can write script without application in hands based on the properties of objects.

iv DP is flexible for high performance of application compare to OR

v DP script is very flexible for meet the object implementation problem in application.


If there are two web objects with the same properties then how a specific object can

      Be Identified?

  1. We can handle this situation several ways like
  2. through Smart Identification Process
  3. Through Index Property

iii. Through Dynamic handling through Descriptive Programming.


Write script to work on excel sheets?

Set excelapp=createobject(“Excel.Application”)



Set excelsheet=ExcelApp.Activesheet

Set getsheet=excelapp.worksheets

‘to get sheet count


‘to enter data



‘to add sheet


to delete sheet



to read the value



msgbox(var1&vblf&var2) to save worksheet

excelbook.saveas “path of location”


set excelapp=nothing


Explain Object Repository?

It is a common or central place where quick test will capture all the properties on an object,

which will make use of identifying the objects during runtime


How to load an object repository file in to QTP during runtime?

We can use RepositoriesCollection method ,

Syntax: RepositoriesCollection.Add(shared Object repository file path)

We can also associate this file with AOM concept


Dim qtAppn

Dim qtObjRes

Set qtAppn = CreateObject(“QuickTest.Application”)


qtAppn.Visible = True

qtApp.Open “E:\Test\Test2”, False, False

Set qtObjRes = qtApp.Test.Actions


qtObjRes.Add “E:\OR\ObjRes.tsr”, 1

The above example Add the Object Repository (ObjRes.tsr) to the “Create” action