1. What is the use of Quality Center software?

Ans.Quality Center is HP’s test management tool. It helps to plan and organize the testing process. With Quick Center we can create a database of manual and automated tests,build test cycles, run tests, and report and track defects. You can also create reports and graphs to help review the progress of planning tests, running tests, and tracking defects before a software release.

2. What are different phases in Quality Center execution phase?

Ans.Mapping of test cases from Test Plan that are to be executed in a Flow.Execution of the test Cases in a specified order(The Order of Execution can be changed in case we are going for Automated Testing).Reporting the Status of test Cases(Pass/Fail/Not Completed/No Run).Maintenance of Execution History(Tester, Date, Time of Execution) Reporting of Defect Observed in the Test Cases<<FAILURES>>.
The Execution status in Test Lab is responsible for the Requirement(Pass/Fail/Not Completed/ No Run Status)
Folder Structure in Test Lab can be used to maintain Various Suite(Regression, Smoke and System..etc)

3. What are the Components in Quality Center?

Ans.There are 6 components
Test Plan
Test Lab

4. What is Difference between Test Director & Quality Center

Ans.QC is advanced tool to TD. We can upgrade from TD to QC.
TD has 4 components where as QC has 6 components.TD supports only on windows platform, where as QC supports on windows / Linux.

5. How to execute Automation Scripts from TD /QC? phases in Quality Centerexecution phase?

Ans.In test plan component, select Scripts tab and in this tab we can copy the
automation script and execute in Test Lab.

6. How do you connect to Quality Center?

Ans.In the browser type the http://( ipaddress of the server)/ qcbin.

7. How to Export Test cases from Excel to QC?

Ans.We have to install Excel Addins, and then we can go to MS-Excel from Tools menu select Export to Test Director & follow the wizard steps.

8. How to launch the test cases in Quality Center and where it is saved?

Ans.You create the test cases in the test plan tab and link them to the requirements in the requirement tab. Once the test cases are ready we change the status to ready and go to the “Test Lab” Tab and create a test set and add the test cases to the test set and you can run from there. For automation, in test plan, create a new automated test and launch the tool and create the script and save it and you can run from the test lab the same way as you did for the manual test cases. The test cases are sorted in test plan tab or more precisely in the test director, lets say quality centers database test director is now referred to as quality center.

9. How can you relate QTP and Quality Center ?If QTP itself has the facility to record,run and store actions and results then why go for Quality Center?

Ans.Quality Center is a management tool. You will only save you tests and results in Quality Center. QTP will not show results for all the available scripts, It can show result for one script at a time. In QC you can see the status (i.e. Passed or Failed or No Run) of all the available scripts.One More thing is defects you cannot log your defects in QTP you need to log them in a excel sheet or mail or TestDirector.

10. What is Test set builder?

Ans.The test set builder enables us to create, edit, and delete test sets. Our test sets can include both manual and automated tests. We can include the same test in different test sets.

11. How do we generate test cases through test director?

Ans.Test lab we do the design step. Design grid we create parent child tree. Ex: Database
operation (test name)1. Delete an orderDescription: Click delete button to delete the order.Expected results: Order is deleted.Pass/Fail:Update an ordercreate an order.
12. What is coverage status, what does it do?

Ans.Coverage status is percentage of testing covered at a given time. If you have 100 test cases in a project and you have finished 40 of test cases out of total test cases then your coverage status of project is 40%. Coverage Status is used to keep track of project accomplishment to meet the final deadline of the deliverables.

13. What is Test set builder?

Ans.The test set builder enables us to create, edit, and delete test sets. Our test sets canvinclude both manual and automated tests. We can include the same test in different test sets.

14.What are the uses of filters in test director?

Ans.Using filters we can make execute and report selected test cases and test scripts from existing list associated with a test engineer Each filter contains multiple filter conditions.These are expressions that are applied to a test plan tree or to the field in a grid. When the filter is applied, only those records that meet the filter conditions are displayed. You create and edit filters with the filter dialog box. This opens when you select the filter command.Once you have created a filter, we can save it for future use.

15. How to upload test cases from excel into Quality Center?

Ans.First we have to activate excel in test director with the help of adding page. After activation we can view the option as ‘export to test director’ in excel under tools tab. If you select the
export to test director pop up dialog box opens the following process should be followed i.e.,Enter URL of QC Domain name and project name iii. user name and password Select anyone of these 3 options: Requirements or test cases or defects Select a map option. a)select a map b)select a new map name c)create a temporary map.Map the test director to corresponding excel. Map the field whatever you mention in excel. These are the required steps to export the excel into QC.
16. How can we export multiple test cases from TD in a single go?

Ans.If we want to export it to any office tools Select the multiple steps/cases you need.
Right click > save as and proceed.
How to generate the graphs in Test Director?
The generation of graphs in the Test Director that to Test Lab module is:
Graph Wizard.
Select the graph type as summary and click the next button.
Select the show current tests and click the next button.
Select the define a new filter and click the filter button.
Select the tests set and click on the ok button
Select the plan: subject and click on the Ok button.
Select the plan: status.
Select the test set as X axis.
Click the finish button.

17. Who is having full privileges in QC project?

Ans.QC Admin

18. Can we add user defined fields to Test Director?

Ans.Yes, we can add the user defined fields in Quality Center 9.0 but not in TD 8.2.

18. How to map requirements with test cases in test director?

Ans.There are separate tabs for requirements and test cases (Test plan). For each
requirement, there is an option using which we can select the corresponding test case and map to it.

19. How can we save the tests Executed in test lab?

Ans.We can select the test which we want to save right click on it. Click on save as, then save it in any format like excel, word, xml etc.

20. What is the Purpose of Creating Child Requirement?

Ans.To add low level requirements for the parent requirement.

21. How many types of reports can be generated?

Ans.Requirements Coverage Report
Planning Report
Execution Report
Defects Report Most Frequently Asked Questions