Graybox testing

What is Gray Box Testing?

Gray box testing is the testing of software application using effective combination of both White box testing & Black box testing method. This is nice & powerful idea to test the application.



The white box testing means tester is aware of internal structure of code but the black box tester doesn’t aware the internal structure of code.

In the Gray box testing tester is usually has knowledge of limited access of code and based on this knowledge the test cases are designed and the software application under test treat as a black box & tester test the application from outside. Don’t confuse with White box & Gray box, as in the Gray box testing is tester doesn’t have the knowledge in detailed. Also the Gray box testing is not a black box testing method because the tester knows some part of the internal structure of code. So Gray Box Testing approach is the testing approach used when some knowledge of internal structure but not in detailed.

The name is comes because the application for tester is like a gray box like a transparent box and tester see inside it but not fully transparent & can see partially in it. As tester doesn’t require the access to code the gray box testing is known as unbiased & non-intrusive.

To test the Web Services application usually the Gray box testing is used.


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